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Cube Online and Google Ads deliver high-quality leads at the lowest possible price. Google Ads (PPC) is the most highly targeted & profitable form of digital marketing to attract qualified in-market customers.

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The single fastest way to generate sales online.

However, it's not easy! Due to the massive amount of competition and the technical nature of Google Ads, you really need to know what you're doing.

Our team of Digital Marketing & Google Ads experts have an intimate knowledge of both the technical and creative aspects of Google Ads to ensure your success. Not to mention our experience with what works, and what doesn't. 


You might be surprised to learn

Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, business make an average of $2

65% of all clicks on search results go to Google Ads

65% of Australian SMBs have a PPC campaign

90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions

Be there when they need you

Unlike many other forms of advertising, Google Ads are not targeting every customer – just the ones with the highest intent to buy. This means you only pay for your adverts to be shown to relevant and active customers.

With 65% of all SMBs running a Google Ad campaign, if you're not currently doing so (or are unhappy with the performance of your current campaign) book in a call with one of our experts TODAY.

Where will people see my Google Ads?

There are four different types of Google Ad campaigns, and each type is seen in different places. We choose the campaign type based on your industry, product or service offering, and of course which type of campaign is going to create the strongest ROI.


Do Google Ads really work?

There is a good reason Google Ads is the most popular and widely used form of digital advertising globally: it works!

We hear the same story every week (from business owners who have either tried to run their own campaigns or worked with someone inexperienced) that Google Ads are "too expensive", they "don’t work for my business", or they are "too complex". 

However, the statistics show the real truth: Google Ads converts 50% better than organic search results, and they return an average of 200% ROI for advertisers. The difference being that you need to run the ads properly. 

What does it cost?

One of the great things about Google Ads is the pay-per-click system - which means you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. The amount you will get charged per click is based on an auction system.

How do they work?

Google Ads will put your business in front of people who are actively looking for your product or service. You can target people based on specific keywords, geographic locations, demographics and previous search history. 


The Cube Way

Our team includes some of Australia’s best digital marketing experts and has developed a bulletproof five-step process to ensure our client's success.

Target your dream buyer 

The process is built around the theory of Kaizen - 'Small incremental gains through continuous improvement' - there is no such thing as set-and-forget.


Data-driven research

We complete in-depth data-driven research to ensure we are making decisions on data, not opinions. This research will include keyword search volume, industry trends and competitor analysis. 

To succeed online in 2021, you need an integrated digital marketing strategy

Cube Online provides the perfect combination of software and digital marketing expertise to generate reliable streams of new customers, and ensure your business is found and chosen above your competitors. 





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